6 tips for Intimate Weddings! How to make the best day of your life fun with limited guests?

Oct 27, 2020

As kids, we often dream of our weddings as a grand event and celebration of days, but 2020 made us reshape our thoughts due to the situation which should not be named. Intimate weddings have been prevalent for a long time now because some people like it to keep low-key and want to celebrate their day with their close-knit group of friends and family. Some people might find the concept of intimate weddings boring, but trust us, these weddings can be fun too! A limited number of guests doesn’t mean you have to cut down on your celebration part. There are several fun things that you can do at an intimate wedding to make it memorable for everyone:

1. Destination Wedding

One can easily manage limited guests as it effectively cuts down your cost and allows you to select a dream destination for your wedding. Many cities in India, such as Udaipur, Jaipur, Goa, etc, are popular among the people for their picturesque backdrops and locations. Opting for a destination wedding for limited guests can be fun as you can enjoy a mini-vacation with your loved ones away from home. Plus, who doesn’t like to explore other cities? So go ahead and plan for a destination wedding this year as it is cost-effective and exciting!

2. Customize your decor

No matter how pretty the location is, small detailings and decor add to the beauty of it. Getting cute props for your prenuptial ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, and festivities will not only look more enchanting but can make your wedding photographs look straight out of a movie. You can either opt for customized invitations, table props, or even hampers for your intimate wedding.

3. Get personalized photo booths

Guests always like to take away some happy memories in the form of pictures. To make your wedding album more fun and vibrant, you can use a photo booth at your wedding venue. Get it customized as per your theme or draw some inspirations from Pinterest. A lot of couples have also opted for the ’90s themed Bollywood photo booths to recreate their favorite Bollywood scenes at their weddings.

4. Indulge in good-old board games

What a better time to play fun games with your friends and family? Get those stack of cards, Sequence, Jenga, Scrabble, and other board games to add more fun to your wedding. You can also opt for a game night before your D-Day so that everyone can relax and enjoy at the same time.

5. Sangeet night

If you or any of your closed ones are a die-hard Bollywood fan, they will surely love such an event before the wedding. You can either host a cocktail party for your friends or a sangeet night for your guests where they can dance, sing and enjoy all night. Some people also like including some fun games such as Antakshari to make it more memorable. Also, add little decor such as white curtains, some colorful pillows, and fairy lights to create a vibe at your wedding venue. 

6. Theme photography

Play around with your wedding photography themes by asking your guests to dress up according to the decided theme. It is such a fun way to get photos in such outfits. You can also ask your bridesmaid or groomsmen to dress up according to the theme to get the pictures before the wedding. Experimenting with themes is always fun when you are planning for an intimate wedding.

There are so many things you can experiment with when you are keeping your guests list limited as you don’t have to spend a fortune on a lavish grand wedding. So even if you had always dreamt of a wedding with more than 500 guests, let’s embrace the new normal and make the best out of it!

Our conclusion pertinent to Intimate weddings : 

Intimate weddings can surely be fun if done the right way! Some of our couples opted for such weddings and it was no less than a celebration. It is truly said Happiness comes from within! However, you can definitely amp up the vibe of your intimate wedding by:

1. Opting for a destination wedding

2. Customizing your wedding decor

3. Getting personalized photo booths

4. Having a game night with closed ones

5. Organizing a sangeet party before D-Day

6. Theme photography with your family and guests 

We hope that this article helps you with planning a limited guest’s wedding if you are already thinking about getting married anytime soon!

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