Ashka & Jalpesh || Wedding photography in Vadodara, Gujarat

When we asked Ashka and Jalpesh to describe their bond, the bride blushed and our groom’s face instantly lit up. And that is when we knew, they are one of those couples who can make each other happy just by being with each other. 

Jalpesh, our USA based groom met Ashka through some common relatives but instantly fell in love with each other. When the team at pictorials asked them if it is an arranged marriage or love, they both jumped with joy and said “arrange-cum-love” with their bright smiles. It is truly said, someone somewhere is made for you!

The couple looked stunning in their wedding outfits and opted for a traditional Gujarati wedding in Vadodara. Right from the pre-wedding festivities shoot to the D-Day our bride and groom were all smiles. Their candidness and special moments caught our eyes and we are so thrilled to share their wedding photos with everyone.

Wedding photography in Vadodara

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