Linto & Sarada || Christian Wedding shoot in vadodara

A love story like no other, our couple Linto and Sharda’s wedding photographs are a treat to watch. The couple hails from different regions of the country and met each other in Bangalore while working in the same field. Linto and Sharda are the true example of the “match made in heaven.” Their old-school couple vibe sets them apart from the millennials, and our hearts were warm and smiles wide when we saw how beautiful they looked together in their wedding attires. 

Vadodara-based Linto wanted to keep his wedding intimate yet memorable. Our beautiful bride Sharda looked gorgeous in her wedding dress, and the couple opted for a pre-wedding shoot right before their nuptials in their wedding outfits. The couple wanted to keep their wedding surrounded by their close-knit group of friends and family. 

Both bride and groom chose the serene locations near Vadodara to shoot their pre-wedding photos and then went ahead with their catholic wedding in the church. Their photos truly depict their emotions and happiness on their D-Day.

Christian Wedding shoot 

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