Kishan & Shally ||Pre-wedding shoot in Goa

Long Distance Relationships are so challenging, but so worth it if it’s with the right person. Our Toronto-based groom, Kishan, met Shally through his sister, and it was love at first sight. Shally had known Kishan’s sister closely and belongs from Mumbai. 12,000 km and timezone difference couldn’t take away what Kishan and Shally had found- eternal love for each other. 

Reminiscing their old times, they said that LDRs could be so taxing, but when you know there is a person a thousand miles away who loves you and would be there for you, that is what keeps you going. And apart from that, the couple also shared the distance, helped them value each other more, and got a clear understanding of where they want to be some years down the line.

And just when Kishan had planned to visit India, he thought of getting married to the love of his life and popped the question to our bride. Our couple wanted to have a fun photo shoot before their wedding and chose Goa, given their mutual love for beaches. They got amazing clicks at the lesser-known beaches in Goa and other locations with stunning backdrops. The couple enjoyed their shoot, and their candidness can be seen in all their pictures here. Kishan and Shally are now married and happily living together in Canada and have bid a farewell to the distances and time zone differences!

Goa Pre-wedding shoot

Pre-wedding shoot in Goa
wedding shoot in Goa

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