Divyang & Ruchi || Pre-wedding photoshoot in Jaisalmer Rajasthan

Love will find your way, and it will take your breath away! Well, that is what happened with one of our most adorable couples here – Divyang and Ruchi. Although they met through an arranged marriage setup, Divyang often says that they were meant to be. And looking at their chemistry, you will be compelled to believe it too. Our groom and bride instantly felt that spark when they first met each other. 

Both Divyang and Ruchi are from Vadodara and enjoy each other’s company so much that many people assume them to be high school sweethearts. But that’s what happens when one meets the right person! Time doesn’t determine the relationship, but trust, chemistry, and laughter define it. When Divyang and Ruchi told us that they wanted to have Jaisalmer’s rich heritage as their backdrops for the pre-wedding photoshoot, we were elated as it was a one-of-its-kind photoshoot

Their pictures depict their bond, candidness, and comfort they share. Meeting Divyang and Ruchi filled our hearts with eternal joy as they are one of those couples who are made for each other and radiate happiness around. Have a look at their beautiful photos and relish the beauty of Rajasthan.

Pre-wedding photoshoot in Jaisalmer,Rajasthan

 pre-wedding photoshoot in Jaisalmer
 pre-wedding photoshoot in Jaisalmer
photoshoot in Jaisalmer

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