Amit & Falguni || Pre-wedding shoot in Lavasa Maharashtra

It is surreal to find someone who understands you and loves you for what you are! Our couple Amit and Falguni were destined to meet in Pune, where they both were working in the same field. Amit, our Vadodara based groom, found his perfect match and companion in Falguni, who is a graceful dancer and hails from Pune. They both wanted a pre-wedding shoot near Pune, as there are so many picturesque places near the city. After exploring all their options for the shoot, the couple chose Lavassa to get their pre-wedding photos due to its vibrant backdrops and breathtaking views.

The couple was so joyful that it clearly shows in their pictures. When asked what keeps them together, they said, “We love everything about each other,” and we couldn’t agree more. Don’t our hearts long for someone who loves us as a whole, be it our flaws or the small habits that can annoy them. Seeing them being their true selves around each other restored our faith in happy endings and the concept of finding the ONE. Amit and Falguni later opted for a traditional Gujarati Wedding in Vadodara and started a new phase of their life together. 

Pre-wedding shoot in Lavasa

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